Re: Alias expansion update.

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000 12:21:39 Ian Campbell wrote:
> > Tab is still used to cycle, but it will move to the next widget much
> > quicker.  I've got no problem with making other keys cycle if
> > people come to an agreement about which keys to use :)
> > 
> > Currently:
> > ENTER accepts the expanded alias, and goes to the next widget.
> > DOWN ignores the expanded alias, and goes to the next widget.
> > TAB cycles if it can, otherwise it goes to the next widget.
> I reckon ditch TAB and use Up and Down, make TAB act a like enter (but
> leave enter too). 

Still need a key to ignore the alias, but go the the next widget.
Currently you can get the same effect by hitting delete (once for the
whole expansion) and then enter, so maybe its not as important as
with the old code, where it was essential.
> Ian
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> Ian Campbell
> Churchill College, Cambridge.

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