Re: implementation of message threadings.

kažkada, berods Tr, 2000-11-08 10:11+0100, Pawel Salek rašė:
> On 2000-11-08 19:23:08 +0100 Atsuhiko Yamanaka wrote:
> > However, 1.0 will be soon released in a few days according to last
> > announcement, so I think my hacks should be merged in 1.0.* or 1.1.* if
> > they are accepted. Is it worth posting those splitted patches in a few
> > days? And again, where should I post to?
> About timing: 1.0.0 will be released this weekend. After this release, I
> suggest we create a DEV branch where new things will go (because it is
> usually to difficult to explain translation people to commit to other
> branch than HEAD). When things are stable, they will be backported to
> HEAD, so we can release stable 1.0.1 (and I do mean _stable_) or perhaps
> 1.0.2 as well in one-two weeks time delay (suggestions, opinions are
> welcome, as always).

Yes, it would be the best way. Although maintaining two separate branches is
more difficult, commiting to both is some pain, but we must have stable
version, which gets only bugfixes and stable features; also, we need to move
forward and implement all cool ideas, such as threading.

Anyway, we cannot include threading in 1.0, because there are many things
not implemented. Toggle for threading, collapse/expand; next, delete, mark
read for a thread. And, simply, lots of testing by more developers than just
me, you and she.

Gediminas Paulauskas

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