Re: status?

On 2000-05-07 21:16 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> >From where i stand, pop (and imap possibly - haven't focused on that)
> very fragile. It totally breaks when a server is unreachable and imho
> network part of libmutt is non salvagable. 

My impression (IMAP-based) is much more positive: yes, the code is
fragile but the design isn't really bad, the code should check more often for
error conditions and that basically all that needs to be changed in the IMAP
part of the code (I would love to implement IMAP searching, but this is
rather of secondary priority). Speaking of searching: incoming mail
filtering you mentioned is one thing but what do you think guys about virtual
folders, say, I want to find all the messages from my boss where he mentions
salary rise? the results could be collected to one virtual folder; one
could later save this folder to a file, etc.


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