Re: status?

On Sat, May 06, 2000 at 06:02:52PM +0200, Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2000-05-06 01:53 Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> > I was thinking about finishing up separating out stuff in libbalsa in
> to
> > different files... finishing up the Mailbox, MailboxPOP3, etc.,
> > objects.  I don't want to go moving lots of code around if things are
> > somewhat stabilized and such.  While I don't think it would hurt
> > stability, I know better than to make lots of changes right before a
> > release.  What is the status of 0.8.0?
> I guess balsa-0.8 is almost ready: it seems that at least some POP
> probleme that plagued balsa are resolved, many other bug fixes came in, too. I

>From where i stand, pop (and imap possibly - haven't focused on that) is
very fragile. It totally breaks when a server is unreachable and imho the
network part of libmutt is non salvagable. For network i'd propose 2 paths
(for 0.9). 1 would be ripping the network part out of libmutt, doing
Stuart's clean up and reuse pop3.c and such from a something that
DoesItRight like fetchmail. 
path 2 would be to rip network all together and just generate fetchmail (or
other - space for modules here?) config files and run it. this has the down
side of making imap non transparent, which is kind of bad.

even knowing 1) means a bit of code duplication it seems the best option (dunno
how bad balsa imap stuff is and how good fetchmail would be on an
interactive situation). 
in that case i'd propose a "pre-connect" option so that balsa can launch an
external command (think ssh) before fetching mail.


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