Re: status?

On Mon, 08 May 2000 13:10:10 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2000-05-07 21:16 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > >From where i stand, pop (and imap possibly - haven't focused on that)
> is
> > very fragile. It totally breaks when a server is unreachable and imho
> the
> > network part of libmutt is non salvagable. 
> My impression (IMAP-based) is much more positive: yes, the code is
> fragile but the design isn't really bad, the code should check more often
> error conditions and that basically all that needs to be changed in the IMAP
> part of the code (I would love to implement IMAP searching, but this is

I have no griefs with IMAP and honestly my clue about imap is next to none. I
wasn't clear enough, what i mean is non salvagable is the pop3 part. The whole
code looks bad and fixing it would be a pain imho. Also it's the smallest set
of pop you can have to actually retrieve msgs and from reading fetchmail i'm
almost sure it breaks with some servers. That's why i mentioned "reusing" a
sane and proved pop3 implementation.

> rather of secondary priority). Speaking of searching: incoming mail
> filtering you mentioned is one thing but what do you think guys about
> folders, say, I want to find all the messages from my boss where he mentions
> salary rise? the results could be collected to one virtual folder; one
> could later save this folder to a file, etc.

Body searching is a pain (mutt pretty much avoids it by not allowing body
scoring). If you have to pontentially deal with lots of stuff, nutty
attatchments and such. Apart from that is a neat feature not much mailers
How are you considering the virtual folder stuff ? DBs of msgs indexes
to real folders ? That's needs some care when shufling stuff about. you need
go look into all the virtual folders and update the refs. or do you mean serch
once, save once, forget it ?

New stuff: when i have the time i'll look into a pre-connect feature for
pop3/imap. it's trivial for pop3 but i really don't know know imap is laid

2 questions: why is balsa so slow ? i can't type faster than the characters
will appear on editing window. and why isn't the "view" pane a regular text box ?
so that we can show image attachments on the canvas ?


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