Re: status?

On 2000-05-06 01:53 Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> I was thinking about finishing up separating out stuff in libbalsa in
> different files... finishing up the Mailbox, MailboxPOP3, etc.,
> objects.  I don't want to go moving lots of code around if things are
> somewhat stabilized and such.  While I don't think it would hurt
> stability, I know better than to make lots of changes right before a
> release.  What is the status of 0.8.0?

I guess balsa-0.8 is almost ready: it seems that at least some POP
probleme that plagued balsa are resolved, many other bug fixes came in, too. I
guess it should be enough to prepare a good PR action like Peter W. did for
0.8-pre1 and we can ship it :). And start including new things. Oh, by
the way, what about the web page, Stuart, do you keep in in sync with balsa
website? I guess we need to place the packages on a right server, I wonder
if it is possible to send them to ftp.redhat/contrib/ or something?


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