Re: [patch] pop-port and some questions


Thanks for the patch, I have just commited it to the CVS tree.

Concerning libmutt, it is (well, it seems, it wasn't me who did it)
original mutt with some stuff disabled and some stuff enabled. From the
CVS log it seems it was synced now and then with mutt but maintaining
compatibility with mutt is not the primary concern and we may break it
in the future - this would simplify the code considerably, since
(lib)mutt uses own functions that are duplicated in glib, and so on.

And yes, balsa doesn't check for connection errors - not only in the
case of POP but also IMAP. 


On 2000-05-06 01:12 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> Below is a small patch to make the Port field in pop3 servers actually
> work (bug #10262). This is rather usefull when you want to check pop
> over an ssh tunnel. 
> [...]
Pawel Salek

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