Mailbox list patch, Episode III


I've added onto my last mailbox list patch so that it's much more
useful, now Balsa automatically checks all it's mailboxes for unread
messages, and changes the style (font, icon) like before.  This seems
to be the functionality people were looking for, so go crazy.  

Now the caveats:  This works on my machine, with Maildir and mbox
format mailboxes.  So I can't offer any guarantees for MH, POP3, or
IMAP mailboxes.  Also, because of the current way we open and check
mailboxes, we can't update mailboxes that get new mail while they are
open in Balsa.  I'm looking into it.

I'm also thinking about changing the colour of mailboxes that have new
mail, in case there is no bold version of the font the user is
currently using as their default Gtk font.  Does anyone think this is


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