I foud two bugs in Balsa 0.8.1

Both with POP3 stuff.

First: in the file libbalsa/mailbox.c, uncomment the line 

Spoolfile = MAILBOX_LOCAL(to)->path

in line 237

The second one I haven't figured out how to solve comletely(working on it). The
mx_locl_mailbox is apparently wrong, because if I uncomment the line 534 in
libmutt/mx.c , the thing works, otherwise it tells me that the spoolfile can not be
opened(and I have to delete both the spoolfile file and the corresponding .lock
file in order to let Balsa create one - and do this every time I want to get
mail, not too convenient, apart from the data loss...). So comment out the

|| mbox_lock_mailbox (ctx, 1, 1) != 0

in line 534 and it works (this is the function that checks whether the file is
locked, and by commenting it, I force it not to check the lock - not nice, but
for the moment works)

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