Re: Detecting unread mail

On Jun 26 2000, 08:38 Steve Loft wrote:
> How do I get Balsa to show me which mailboxes have unread mail in them
> at start up?
> I've been starting it up regularly during the day and seeing no mail.
> Then I get a phone call from someone asking why I haven't replied to
> their mail. So I click on the relevant mailbox, and suddenly it turns
> blue and tells me I have one unread mail item. Surely I don't have to
> click on all my mailboxes every time to see if I have any new mail?
> Steve 

Hmmm, the mailbox list code should check all the mailboxes when Balsa starts up
(assuming 0.8.0 or later). However, once running that version only checks the
mailboxes for new messages when certain actions take place to avoid slowing the
program down excessively. Those actions consist of clicking on any mailbox in
the mailbox list, or checking for new mail. Also, if the mailbox is open, Balsa
doesn't check for new messages on disk because it can't update the index in
memory... (I'm working to fix this ASAP in CVS). 

FYI, for my setup I keep notified of new mail by running biff in a transparent,
omnipresent terminal window. Then I get audio and visual cues about any new
mail, and I can scroll through it quickly to see if any of it is personal and
might need a response. 


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