Re: POP3 problem

On Sun, 25 Jun 2000 17:28:48 Peter Williams wrote:

> Well I think the idea is POP3 mailboxes aren't actually mailboxes,
when you
> retrieve mail from them they go into your local spool.. I suppose we
> rewire it to make it possible to specify an individual spool for each
> and have them show up on the mailbox list, but that's certainly not
> intended behavior now.

Many thanks to both you and Pawel for your help.

I've realised that my setup isn't very sensible. I have mail from one
mailbox automatically downloaded using fetchmail and filtered into
mailboxes using procmail; and I have this other one I'm trying to
via Balsa.  The obvious solution is to get fetchmail to download this
for me as well.  I've done that now, and it all works well.

So far I'm very pleased with Balsa.  I've been trying quite a few mail
recently, and Balsa may not have quite as many features (yet) as some
of the others, but it appears to be rock steady, which is important, I
find :-)


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