Re: Various little fixes + my plans for balsa this summer

> > For example I would very much like to see some fixing of the name space
> used. I
> > think all libbalsa functions/structs should be prefixed with libbalsa_
> or
> > LibBalsa and balsa ones with balsa_ or Balsa, for example there are two
> > BalsaMessages at the moment, one in src and one in libbalsa, it's
> basically
> > confusing.
> I am not sure about it. It is fine only If the function is not related to a
> structure/object. For me, function that begins with message_ has to do
> something with a message object and I know it's defined in libbalsa. Is it not
> clear enough?

I got to thinking about this, and most things in libbalsa are
message_foo or such... but then there is Message and there is
BalsaMessage (display widget)... so I was thinking about prefixing
libbalsa things with 'lb_'.  This should clear up the difference between
things like Message and BalsaMessage by having lbMessage

> Oh yes, that a very good idea! Actually, I think this has been followed to
> a large extent but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some exceptions
> that may turn out difficult to get rid of. The problem is balsa uses mutt data
> structures and it is then difficult to access them and not use native
> libmutt routines. Anyway, it is very noble idea and I fully support it.

yes, I would prefer balsa to not know anything about mutt.  if libbalsa
does not provide something that is needed, then it should be expanded to
do so.

> > It seems to me that some of the things in libbalsa/balsa have had some
> attempt
> > at being made into GtkObject's. For example the mailboxes in libbalsa
> are
> > GtkObjects - but still use lists of watchers - I think they should really
> use
> > signals. I'd like to take those things and finish turning them into
> proper
> > GtkObjects.

yes, i started the conversion... but never quite finished.  (sorry).  I
am planning on completing this this week.


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