Various little fixes + my plans for balsa this summer

Hi all, 

I am still waiting for CVS write access, so here is a patch to fix a couple of
small things:

The 'save as' dialog wasn't going away properly after clicking OK or Cancel.

Some error dialogs were given parents.

The problem with headers not being shown properly in the separate message
window at first has been fixed.

I have added emacs mode hints to the top of files I touched, to force emacs to
the 2 space indenting. I intend to do this to any files I happen to touch as I
work (although really I would prefer to change everything to a more normal
style ;-)

So, I've got a fair bit of time to give to balsa over the holidays, so I
thought people might be interested in some ideas I was considering working on:

- Icons for all windows - Easy to start with, but it might be nice if there was
a main icon and variations for the different sorts of window, address book etc.
I have zero art talent, so I will begin with just the standard icon for all

- rfc822 (digest) message browsing, I'm not quite sure how is best to handle
this, but I will think about it. 

- General cleanup, there are many parts of balsa which to me seem untidy (not
bad code necessarily) and when I first started to try to work on balsa it took
me a long time to get my bearings. A little bit more structure would help this
alot, since I think it can only benefit the project if it is easier to for
developers to get involved.

For example I would very much like to see some fixing of the name space used. I
think all libbalsa functions/structs should be prefixed with libbalsa_ or
LibBalsa and balsa ones with balsa_ or Balsa, for example there are two
BalsaMessages at the moment, one in src and one in libbalsa, it's basically

I would also like to remove any usage of libmutt from balsa and encapsulate it
in libbalsa, since libmutt causes so many problems I think it would be best to
get it all in one place, it would also set the stage for removing the use of
libmutt for some things prehaps (a long term goal....)

It seems to me that some of the things in libbalsa/balsa have had some attempt
at being made into GtkObject's. For example the mailboxes in libbalsa are
GtkObjects - but still use lists of watchers - I think they should really use
signals. I'd like to take those things and finish turning them into proper

Well, those are some of my ideas/plans at the moment.


Ian Campbell 
Churchill College, Cambridge.


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