Re: undeclared var's in libmutt

Concerning the compilation problems on Solaris, just run
configure/ with

./configure --enable-fcntl --disable-flock

The Solaris flock function implementation doesn't really seem to be BSD
compatible. Actually, we used fcntl instead of flock for long time till I
learned that fcntl causes often problem when mailboxes are accessed over NFS
and in critical situations make balsa quit at initialization.

Actually, I have noticed that many of the bug reports are connected to the
flock function, it seems that we balsa's backend doesn't properly
implement flock locking in general so I begin to wonder if I did right changing the
default way of mailbox locking.

What do you think guys?


On 21 Jun 2000 00:44 Timothy Flechtner wrote:
> olah amigos,
>   i'm trying to compile 0.8.1 on an ultra 5, running solaris 2.6, and i
> get the following bad news:

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