new idl

Just when i was about to use the corba interface in a gnome-pilot conduit i
noticed the idl is no more :) 
That's why i moved to write a new one. Then i noticed my gob/idl/corba clue
wasn't very big :) So, here goes a preliminary sketch of the idl. Anyone has
comments ? stuff that should be in there? stuff that won't be easy to
actually get done ? 


  IDL for Balsa

module GNOME {
  module Balsa {
    exception UnknownMbox {
      string reason;
    exception UnknownMessage {
      string reason;

    interface Mailbox {
      attribute boolean has_unread_messages;

      void open_mailbox( in string path ) raises UnknownMbox;
      oneway void close_mailbox();

      message_list_type list_unread_messages();
      message_list_type list_messages();

    interface Message {
      message_type get_message ( in long index ) raises UnknownMessage;
      boolean put_message( in message_type message);
      boolean send_message( in message_type message);


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