[jccheng unity ncsu edu: "Send Error Error connecting to smtp"]

I apologize for sending you this, because I'm sure that you're very busy, but I 
do not know where else to go for help.  I am having problems sending email using
Balsa or any other email client.  I have been looking on the internet for       
answers but have been unsuccessful.  I configured the outgoing mail server      
correctly with smtp.ncsu.edu.  I know that the server name is correct.  But     
everytime I try to send an email it gives me the error: "Send Error Error       
connecting to smtp.ncsu.edu".  I also know that mail server works because I can 
send email with Netscape Messenger while in Windows, but nothing seems to work  
in Linux.  Is this a sendmail.cf problem, or do I have something else configured
incorrectly in Linux?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.                   
BTW, I love how Balsa looks and feels, so keep up the good work!                
Jeff Cheng                                                                      
Jeffery Cheng                                                                   

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