Re: segfault

> I'm confused, I think I missed something!
> I'm used to use mutt as mail-client and in mutt outbox is the mailbox in
> which a copy of each sended mail is dropped. My Outbox (balsa) pointed on
> outbox (mutt ones). I removed all the trash that was in there and try to
> send a mail...worked well 
> It seems I mixed Draftbox and Outbox
In Balsa outbox it it use to queu messages to be send. Messages already sended
are store in sendbox

>> Thanks for the bug report.
> sorry about that; my fault
> Regards

No, actually it is not your fault, it is Balsaīs fault or mine since I wrote
that line :-). 
I found the bug you were talking about. 
It is a little bit tricky but it can cause a seg fault.
This is the way to have a pretty seg fault.
Donīt put anything for your return address in the configuration and send a mail
offline. After that the message gets stored in outbox. Now send another mail
and you will have a nice  seg fault. 

The fix is to check for that NULL pointer (which someboby already send a
pacth for) and use the from address instead if no return address is available
(which is missing from that pacth). To put a retrun address is needed because
it helps alot to other mailers (letīt be nice with everyboy :-) ) and also
helps to Balsa.

Iīll commit this is CVS as soon as I can. BTW Iīm going to be out of
development until mid of Feb so if any other bug it is found in send.c (which I
wrote a big part of) go ahead and try to find a fix because Iīm not going to be
able to help until I come back.

Fecha: 05-Jan-00

Hector Garcia Alvarez
Secretario de Scouts-es

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