Le Tue, Jan 04, 2000 at 01:53:18AM -0500, David Pickens écrivait:
> Are you having problems with segfaults at startup or just when sending
> mail?  

Segfault at startup was only due to the old .balsarc, removing it cured
the problem (this *must* be in the README file or maybe is it possible to
integrate a work-around in the code)

The only case of segfault that still occurs is while sending mail.
Note: not in balsa-0.6.0, only with the cvs-version that means there's
something in the CVS modifications that broke the Reply-to extraction

>I looked back at the my messages and found your posts about sending
> mail.  I think those calls fail because they're designed to always be
> passed a pointer, even if it is NULL
>.  We /could/ patch all of those  functions to accept NULL, but I think it 
>might, in the long run, be better
> (also) to track it back and find out why the function isn't being send an
> address from the composition window.

I agree, I made this patch so as to be able to send mail again. As I
mentioned in the previous mail I wasn't able to debug the full GDB output
but I don't think this will be hard for a developper either.

> Does this happen /every/ time?  

yes, systematicaly

>Does it happen if you set the language to  English?  

I will make some more tests but yes this happens with english too

>Are you using SMTP? sendmail?  Are you using multi-threaded

Using postfix , this is treads independent, failed in both cases


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