Re: HACKING file

On 12 Aug 2000 13:14 Ian Campbell wrote:
> I think the copyright statement at the head of each file should
> copyright to 'The Balsa Maintainers' and we should have a MAINTAINERS
(or a
> CONTRIBUTORS) file. I would like to add an entry to that effect in

Sounds fine.
> It would be very useful if every file had a brief description of what
was in
> it at the top.

Sounds fine, too.

> Coding style. what are we going to do. Whatever we choose should be
> consistant. Personally I would like to follow something similar to the
rest of
> GNOME. I realize this may be a difficult one to decide ;-)

GNOME coding syle is obivously ok with me; I cannot say the intentation
style is my most prefered one but I am ready to follow the rules. :-).

PS. I will include recently discussed gnome-libs requirements in the
soon-to-be-released 0.9.2

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