debian packages


At long last, I have produced some up-to-date balsa packages.

I went for 0.8.1, since that seemed to be the current 'stable' one ---
the web page mentioned some POP problems in the 0.9 series. (I've been
off this mailing list for a month, I'm back now).

I've uploaded them to woody, they'll be on your local mirror in a few
days.  If there's any demand, I'll put up some copies on some webspace
of my own somewhere.

I know I had this problem before, and I forgot the answer ;) but I
don't have the right stylesheets to build the documentation in help/C,
so I've turned that off for now.  Which package do the stylesheets
come in? (I suspect it isn't debian packaged).


Jules Bean

Jules Bean                          |        Any sufficiently advanced                    |  technology is indistinguishable               |               from a perl script

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