Re: 0.8.0?

On Apr 25 2000 18:58 Jason A . Smith wrote:
> Yup, I tried the right-click menu.  It does display the available
> folders list, but none of the entries are selectable, so transfers
> don't work for me.  Where is the message display line wrapping done?
> Is it a hard coded value or can it be configured by the user?  I
> don't see it in the preferences, only the outgoing wrapping.

The transfer menu works (for me at least) as long as you don't attempt to drag
onto the destination mailbox, you have to move your mouse something like:

right click -> move to "Transfer" -> move to destination mailbox -> left click

As for the wrapping, the program currently uses the outgoing message wrapping
column as the display wrapping column as well. This can probably be changed but
we have to do this without confusing for new users.


 Matthew Guenther                   "Boy, life takes a long time to live."                 		-- Steven Wright

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