Re: 0.8.0?

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000 18:35:45 Jake Meier wrote:
> Jason,
> 	Did you try right click.  It should bring up a menu that will
> allow you to move the message, althouh drag and drop would be nice.
> As far as text wrapping, I don't have an answer for you, but perhaps
> a though.  Could we have text wrapping work more like vi and less
> like emacs.  By this I mean, when I have writter 15 lines, on line 8
> when I press end I would like to go to the end of line 8, not to the
> end of the paragraph.
> -Jake

Yup, I tried the right-click menu.  It does display the available
folders list, but none of the entries are selectable, so transfers
don't work for me.  Where is the message display line wrapping done?
Is it a hard coded value or can it be configured by the user?  I
don't see it in the preferences, only the outgoing wrapping.



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