Mail sending bug... (sorry if this is duplicate)

Well, it looks like balsa may have eaten my message (grrr!)...but anyway,
here is a shorter version:

I have a 100% reproducible test case of balsa crashing in SMTP send. To

	1) Click forward
	2) Enter '' in the To: box
		[I have not tested other addresses -- if they don't
		 feel free to send forwards to,
		 it's one of my addresses]
	3) Click send
	4) Bug buddy

This is balsa from CVS -- it was the last version that built with the
canvas removal patch. It is that version because a conflict was
introduced around 1.100 in balsa-message.c. The other message gave the
exact number, but AFAICT, balsa ate it. And I don't have it to look up
anymore (grrr...).

Here is the relevant Unix mailbox entry:
---begin Unix mailbox entry---

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