Re: 0.8.0?

On 23 Apr, Peter Williams wrote:
> Anyone have any last-minute corrections to be made to
> 0.8.0? There seem to be VERY few complaints about 0.8.0-pre1,
> maybe we should make it official.

Well, here are questions (or feature requests):
- Can I make my Inbox/Sentbox IMAP folders?  If I right-click, I can't.
  If I manually edit ~/.balsarc, I also can't.  The Inbox doesn't matter
  that much (since I can open a different mailbox),  but I like all my
  mail to be IMAP since that machine gets a backup.
- Can I ask Balsa to NOT save my password in ~/.balsarc?

Kind regards,				  
Berend De Schouwer, +27-11-712-1435, UCS

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