Re: status as of Sunday October 17, 1999

Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I wanted to give a (hopefully) weekly status report so people would know
> what I'm working on (or not working on).

Yo.  Very good to see you back :-)

> So since my last message saying I ripped apart the UI code, I have
> gotten it saving the main window size again (still doesn't save the
> inside positions correctly).  You still can't close mailboxes.  I have
> been ripping apart libbalsa lately to make it not suck and to separate
> out the different objects into different files so they could be
> maintained easily.  I have Message mostly fitting my new spec, and will
> do Mailbox next (eek.. good bit of redesign).  Hopefully none of the
> changes I am making will be visible from the UI, but should make Balsa a
> much cleaner program.

Excellent.  I'm very interested on working on the IMAP mailbox subclass,
but I won't do anything (except think) until you tell us where your
redesign thoughts are taking you.

On that very subject, what are your thoughts on evolution?  Are you
thinking of integrating evolution as:

1) One possible message-store backend for balsa
2) The only message-store backend for balsa
3) Not at all



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