status as of Sunday October 17, 1999

Hey guys,

I wanted to give a (hopefully) weekly status report so people would know
what I'm working on (or not working on).

So since my last message saying I ripped apart the UI code, I have
gotten it saving the main window size again (still doesn't save the
inside positions correctly).  You still can't close mailboxes.  I have
been ripping apart libbalsa lately to make it not suck and to separate
out the different objects into different files so they could be
maintained easily.  I have Message mostly fitting my new spec, and will
do Mailbox next (eek.. good bit of redesign).  Hopefully none of the
changes I am making will be visible from the UI, but should make Balsa a
much cleaner program.

Once I have finished up these things, I am greatly looking forward to
spending some time looking at the printing patch from Ragnar and the
threading support from David Pickens.  There were some reasons that I
changed from using gnome-config to libproplist long ago, so before I add
the gnome-config patch I want to rethink some of those issues.



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