some new code landed and minor website updates

I went ahead and landed a bunch of changes tonight that kind of screw up
the UI by causing it to come up at weird sizes.  We no longer use gnome
mdi so if you really liked that, i'm sorry.  We still are a notebook,
just without the overhead of the stupid things that gnome mdi required
me to do.  The code is now much cleaner, and will be much easier to
manage.  The mailbox list is now resizeable (yay!).  I really am just
happy with rewriting most of the UI code because it just sucked (my
fault.. i once wrote bad code.  i can now write good code.)  I should
have it saving the positions of the mailbox list, window size, etc by
tomorrow afternoon.  I still have a lot more code to rewrite, but this
fixes the major problems that existed by using gnome-mdi and static
variables.  I broke closing of mailboxes which I will try and fix
tomorrow as well.  You can also open the same mailbox multiple times
which is another bug I will work on.



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