Re: How this goes? 2

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999 17:43:20 Hector Garcia wrote:
> Hi all
> First of all donīt split the project (is always better to work all together).

I concur.

> As it seen, Stuart hasnīt given up with the project (good thing), he was
> just terribly busy, so why we donīt wait until he can commit all the changes and all
> the patches around (it look that in least than a week it should be done) and then
> start working over the official CVS source.
> I say this because, for example, I cannot put some of the patches because I must be
> using another source tree version than the person that made the patch, or that
> something that is a bug in my sources it is not even implemented in some others.

This is also a good idea. Stuart also said that he was 'working on getting us CVS access',
which we really should have done for ourselves, but it seems to be happening. 

For the meantime I will not apply the printing patch that was posted earlier today, in 
the hopes that a CVS update happens soon and we can all get synchronized.

Peter Williams

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