Re: How this goes?

* Hector Garcia ( [991013 21:53]:
> As it seen, Stuart hasnīt given up with the project (good thing), he was
> just terribly busy, so why we donīt wait until he can commit all the changes and all
> the patches around (it look that in least than a week it should be done) and then
> start working over the official CVS source.
> I say this because, for example, I cannot put some of the patches because I must be
> using another source tree version than the person that made the patch, or that
> something that is a bug in my sources it is not even implemented in some others.
> What you all think?

Good concept, but we haven't seen a change in the CVS version since
.. well, ages. We of the Balsa list were told that he would be working
on it in early June after some mozilla work finished up, but nothing
has yet appeared.

I have a very complicated e-mail setup now involving procmail,
fetchmail, fetchnews, and mutt. Balsa is stagnant.

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