How this goes? 2

Hi all

Well, I didnīt mean to make such a revolutionary question, I was only curious.

About the things I have read I would like to give my opinion and hear yours.

1) It looks that almost everybody in this list wants to keep with balsa even if
afterward it is coverted to a frontend of Evolution.

2) We need a CVS server access to commit changes, so we can all work over the same

So mi proposal is:

First of all donīt split the project (is always better to work all together).

As it seen, Stuart hasnīt given up with the project (good thing), he was
just terribly busy, so why we donīt wait until he can commit all the changes and all
the patches around (it look that in least than a week it should be done) and then
start working over the official CVS source.
I say this because, for example, I cannot put some of the patches because I must be
using another source tree version than the person that made the patch, or that
something that is a bug in my sources it is not even implemented in some others.

What you all think?

Read you


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