Re: So how this goes? (CVS server)

Hey guys

lets not fork the tree... that would suck.

I'm in the process (as we speak (i'm taking a break from my real job for
a bit so i don't loose my sanity)) of re-writing the UI so that it a)
doesn't have crappy code and b) doesn't have the problems it currently
does.  I should have this done in a day or two, and will check it in to
the tree.  Once i'm finished with this, I will look at the last few
patches (threads, printing, etc) and see if we can get those merged.  I
would like some more people to have CVS access (i'm working on that

Sorry for my major delay in getting anything done, but I have been
working very hard on Mozilla.  I really am glad to see that there are
people still interested in Balsa.


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