Re: So how this goes?

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:31:07 Lyndon Drake wrote:
> Even with that, I'd say that there should be at least some GUI code worth
> salvaging from Balsa.  And quite a few people have contributed patches to
> Balsa, and have experience that would be invaluable in the development of
> Evolution.

This is true. I'd say we all have a good idea of how not to structure an
advanced mail client. I've read about the vfolder concept which is (was?)
used be Evolution... I am very excited by that, I for one one would be
interested in working on the vfolder code. 

But right now, Balsa exists and Evolution is in the works. I use Balsa
for my day-to-day work and it gets the job done. IMHO we might as well work
on Balsa until Evolution is stable enough to take its place. Balsa will never
overcome its architectural deficiencies but we can work on making it better.
I personally am happy to have something where I can have code put into a
(semi-)official project.

So where was I going.... errr... so we might as well maintain Balsa. It's not
pretty but it is the most functional X mail client that I've seen (oh wait...
Netscape Mail is pretty good -- damn them! :-)).
Peter Williams

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