Re: So how this goes?

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 18:27:28 David Fallon wrote:
> Keep in mind the announcements on the main gnome list earlier today... it
> looks like IGS (international gnome support) will be hiring a bunch of
> people (7?) fulltime to be working on a gnome mail program that integrates
> well with gnomecal/gnomecard and uses the gnome mailer (renamed evolution,
> now) code for the backend. I'd bet balsa as we know it will be defunct, and
> unfortuantely, that looks like a good thing. Hopefully, all of us who have
> been trying to get a good gnome email client, but don't have the
> time/resources to really commit to balsa can switch over to this new one,
> and get to see some real progress.

Really... with people paid to work on the mailer it might get somewhere...
the progress has seemed to be slow so far. But I HATE Balsa's backend and
would be glad to see 'evolution' developed more. (I would note that there
is a procmail-type thing for Win32 called Evolution... legal issue?)

I didn't see this announcement; I'm only subscribed to gnome-devel, not
plain gnome. Could you forward me a copy?

Peter Williams

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