Fw: The Evolution Mail, Calendar, and Addressbook Applications.

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From: Nat Friedman <nat@gnome-support.com>
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Cc: <gnome-mailer-list@nuclecu.unam.mx>; Bertrand Guiheneuf
Sent: Monday, October 11, 1999 4:00 PM
Subject: The Evolution Mail, Calendar, and Addressbook Applications.

> Hello guys,
>     So, things at International Gnome Support have been steadily
> advancing, and we are now moving forward at full-speed to pursue our
> goal of producing an ass-kicking suite of PIM tools.  The idea is
> basically to build on the existing codebase -- GnomeCal, GnomeCard,
> and the Evolution work which Bertrand has been doing -- to make a
> tightly-integrated set of groupware apps.  We are going to update the
> current apps to support the new protocol standards and wrap the Gnome
> PIM apps into a number of Bonobo components.
>     We're also going to be devoting lots of hacking time to polishing
> the user interface, creating new Gtk widgets where necessary, and
> using Bonobo to integrate all of the PIM apps into a single point of
> entry for users.  And, of course, we're going to write the mailer.
>     There is a lot of work to be done, both on the UI front and the
> backend.  Over the course of the next month, IGS intends to hire seven
> full-time developers to devote to this task.  All of this development
> will be done in the open on the Gnome CVS, and coordinated over the
> public Gnome mailing lists from day one.
>     I put together some design documents over the summer, and we'll be
> mailing these to the Gnome mailer list once ALS is over.  If you are
> interested in contributing to this project, subscribe to the Gnome
> mailer list (mail gnome-mailer-list-request@nuclecu.unam.mx with
> 'subscribe' in the body) or contact me and Miguel.
> Cheers,
> Nat

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