Re: Found the bug, but no how to fix it

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 02:37:08 Ragnar Henriksen wrote:
> Hey,
> ....
Oops cut a little too much here. "Why doesn't it autoload?"
> May I ask why?

Oh yeah... I wasn't sure if this would cause trouble. I add my mailboxes using
Mailboxes -> Add... this adds it to the list that is kept in config and loaded
on balsa startup. Balsa also searches for mailboxes upon startup, which in my
case gives two copies of each, one from the config and one from the probing.

My view was that it was better to explicitly tell balsa about mailboxes than to
have it search for them, to prevent duplications such as described above. Maybe
this wasn't such a good idea. Maybe it would be better to 'suggest' that the
user add a mailbox when balsa probes for them?

Sorry for the problem. If you want me to change it in my tarball I will.

Peter Williams

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