Re: Found the bug, but no how to fix it

On Sun, 10 Oct 1999 13:49:21 Hector Garcia wrote:
> Hi
> I found where it gives the "Segmentation Fault".
> The error only appears when you try to create or modify a POP3 account.
> [....]
> I have intalled version 0.8.2-1 of libproplist0.

I recall reading that the newest libproplist doesn't work with Balsa. Your
best bet may be using the version of Balsa that uses gnome-config instead of
libproplist. You can get a tarball of the sources that I made at

if you want all the modifications that have been floating around this list
put together.

BTW, I thought I posted it to this list, but has as
many different flavors of the Balsa source as I could assemble, as well as
patches. Until we can get a CVS commit I'd suggest working from there. I 
might put up RPM's if I get to it.

Peter Williams

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