Found the bug, but no how to fix it


I found where it gives the "Segmentation Fault".
The error only appears when you try to create or modify a POP3 account.

The error is in the call (I guess inside the function) to the function 
PLSave (balsa_app.proplist, 1) in file save-restore.c:145

I have intalled version 0.8.2-1 of libproplist0.

I donīt know how libproplist0 works, but I belive it may be a bug in defining the
pop3 mailbox to include in "GList *inbox_input;" in the struct balsa_app, since it
only fails when that part of the structure is fill in and pass to the PLSave ()
For example, if it reads a pop3 account and you change anything (not related with
pop3 accounts) like the name of a folder to force to save the changes, it does it
correctly and writes down the pop3 account.


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