Sorry Iīm a pain. but something is wrong

Hi everybody

I got the sources from CVS yesterday (saturday 9 of October) and found the following

I execute the script and I get the configure and Makefile
I execute de configure and here is the problem.

It doesnīt complain or tell that anything is missing but it puts "no" instead of
"msgfmt" in the Makefile of the po directory (fixed by hand it doesnīt complain
anymore) althrouth is install and in the correct directory, also it doesnīt make a
balsa.po (fixed by coping es.po to balsa.po in my case). I donīt know why this
doesnīt work (I donīt know how the, configure and Makefile script work
good enough to fix it), so if somebody does know please fix it.

Another problem I found is trying to add a new pop3 account, after I fill everything
and hit accept it gives me a "Segment fault" and deletes my .balsarc file.
If I make the pop3 account by editing the .balsarc file and adding the necesary
lines, it does appear but it gives me the "Segmentation fault" if I do a modify, and
Iīm not sure that it really checks the mail for the account.
Iīm trying to find the problem in the funtion incharge of writing the account to the
file, but it will take me a while, so if somebody fixed the bug, please tell me so.

My last problem is with the mh. It does find out that it is a mh perfectly, but
there is no way for balsa to make it that way. I had to make it myself before
calling balsa, if I donīt do it that way it always make a mailbox without asking or
giving a chance to change it. It this normal? It is already implemented?

Thank and excuse me for been such a pain sending letter almost everyday.


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