Re: feature request.

Maybe if we drill mail client people enough they will realize that there
are plenty of people who use IMAP. My whole campus uses IMAP, and the
only computer's that students can't easily check their accounts from is
the linux/unix clusters. 

IMAP combined w/ procmail (or other mail filtering/sorting sorfware) is
a powerful tool. One that I love making use of, though I tire of using
Netscape Communicator to read my mail. 

I've been thinking of writing a mail client designed around IMAP, but
right now it's just a idea sitting on the back burner while I learn GTK
and hone my C/C++ skills. 

Evolution somewhat exists, but I think the focus is on "cloning" MS
Outlook, not standard IMAP. If there is enough developer interest out
there, maybe we can cobble together a project to write an IMAP based

What I'm thinking here is everyone else does pop3 fine. There are many
excelent mail clients bothe finished and in development. But other than
Communicator, there really isn't a good solid gui (X11) imap client.
Perhaps it's time someone decided to do one thing and do it well. I'm
willing. =)

I'm so far off topic now I'm going to stop. 

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