Re: checking of e-mail request

I'm not sure whether you're using a version that includes my changes from
last night -- I worked on the dialog so that it would reflect the progress
of the thread that's retrieving the messages;  I agree that this should be
optional, and it should be pretty easy to check this option and only
create the dialog if it's wanted.  Maybe we could even have an MS-style
don't-show-me-again checkbox in the dialog itself.

This is a second issue:  I decided to leave the dialog after the checking
is finished, but I've been wondering if this should close automatically
when the mail retrieval is done.  (I'd prefer to have it disappear on
completion, but I left the previous behavior.)


On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Mike Palczewski wrote:

> instead of popping up a box that says checked when checking for email
> how about writing something to the status bar.  I use fetchmail and
> when new email comes I hit the check button in balsa only to have an
> annoying window poppup.
> Mike

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