Re: feature request.

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999, Ragnar Henriksen wrote:

> 4. imap.
> 	People are working with pop for the moment. Maybe they start developing
> 	imap afterwards :) 

I'm hoping I might have some time to work on that.  Busy at the moment,

> 5. nntp.
> 	This is a email program, never heard of any plans involving nntp to 
> 	balsa. pan may be used instead :)

Don't see why not. 95% of a news reader is a mail reader.  Seems silly not
to support it. (Evolution will)

> 6. threading
> 	David commited threaded mail to the cvs yesterday.

But that's not what he meant by threading, dammit!  Sigh.

Or am I wrong, did David commit code to group mails into threads?  I'm
pretty sure he committed code for asynchronoous mail chacking with
threads, but that's quite different :-)

> 7. filters.
> 	have this ever worked? I use procmail, and thats working just fine :)

I don't remember balsa ever having filters.  Whilst it would be nice to
have filters, sure, (a) procmail is a very good solution (b) exim is
another very good solution (c) evolution will do something even cleverer
than filters, eventually.


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