feature request.

first things first :)

To comment some of your points.

1. opening mailbox upon startup.
	Absolutly this is something we should have.
2. Status of email.
	This did work, but broke awail ago. I think there are someone
	looking into this.
3. gnome-canvas.
	I guess your pointing at preview-pane? This is something that we
	have been discussing, but we never mad any conclution to this.
	One of the reasons why gnome-canvas is used, are for inline attachment
4. imap.
	People are working with pop for the moment. Maybe they start developing
	imap afterwards :) 
5. nntp.
	This is a email program, never heard of any plans involving nntp to 
	balsa. pan may be used instead :)
6. threading
	David commited threaded mail to the cvs yesterday.

7. filters.
	have this ever worked? I use procmail, and thats working just fine :)

So as you can see, there's alot going on for the moment. Be patient, and most
of the things you requested will come for a day :)


On Mon, 29 Nov 1999 18:35:37 Mike Palczewski wrote:
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> Have a folder be opened upon starting balsa.  Have this be set in the
> preferances as either any folder or the last folder opened.
> status of email still doesn't change when deleting something.  
> bring filters back.
> don't use gnome-canvas.  in the future we should use gtk-mozilla widget but 
> untill that's ready it should be a textbox.
> imap should be more stable. 
> imap should be a folder.  then balsa should scan all available folders and
> mailboxes on the server and add them.  
> nntp support.  this is a long shot.  but I thought since there is imap support
> adding nntp should be that difficult.  maybe starting out like imap with
> balsa letting you choose which newsgroup on which server.  Add threading to this
> since people seam to be interested in threaded e-mail.
> Mike
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