feature request.

Have a folder be opened upon starting balsa.  Have this be set in the
preferances as either any folder or the last folder opened.

status of email still doesn't change when deleting something.  

bring filters back.

don't use gnome-canvas.  in the future we should use gtk-mozilla widget but 
untill that's ready it should be a textbox.

imap should be more stable. 

imap should be a folder.  then balsa should scan all available folders and
mailboxes on the server and add them.  

nntp support.  this is a long shot.  but I thought since there is imap support
adding nntp should be that difficult.  maybe starting out like imap with
balsa letting you choose which newsgroup on which server.  Add threading to this
since people seam to be interested in threaded e-mail.


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