Balsa - the plot thickens?

Hiya all,

Well, I've spent an afternoon starting to grok the balsa code, and I'm
making headway, but it's a mess (sorry Stuart!).

However, I've also been following up some hints people have been
dropping me, and I've discovered that there are other capable
programmers working on GNOME email.

In particular, there's a gnome-mailer list, in which they are discussing
(and implementing) a generic library which will provide access to a
whole variety of message sources (POP,local,mh,IMAP,NTTP).

This throws me into some doubt :-)  I certainly don't want to put work
into a doomed project.

However, for now I think I'll continue to work on some IMAP support,
which I will probably eventually port to the gnome-mailer project.  It
may also seem sensible to port balsa to use the gnome-mailer project, in
which case I'll do that.  Alternatively, another mail client may come
into the ascendant.

In any case, it doesn't really matter.  I'm confident now that it's just
a matter of time until we have an excellent email client (or several) in

I have all your suggestions filed, and I'll keep them - so if you've
been contributing anytime since the beginning of April, your ideas will
be implemented if and when possible :-)


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