Re: libfetchmail (was Re: Camel)

> For POP, I really think that something like this is probably the best
> solution.  What I'd really like to see (but admittedly haven't written a
> single line of code for) is a separate GTK+ front end to fetchmail that
> could be used for POP3 users.  Then Balsa could simply call this
> front-end and have it handle the task of downloading, showing progress
> bars, etc.  Considering that all Balsa's POP client really does is
> poorly emulate fetchpop, this ought to be acceptable.  :)

Yup. Looking at it, we might have to pull out some of the code (and add our
own hooks in), but it should do the trick nicely.

> For IMAP, though, I really think that we would be better off writing our
> own backend.  Of course, we could borrow heavily from Fetchmail or
> libmutt, or whatever is convenient, but I don't see it as a simple
> "plug-it-in" solution.

Why? From my highly inexperienced look, it seemed to fully support IMAP.

I think either way, it's not going to be possible to use fetchmail as a
transparent backend with no changes, but I do believe we can use the code to
build the libraries fairly easily.

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