>From my fairly preliminary investigation, camel is waay far away from being
alpha, much less useful for balsa. That, and I disagree with some design
decisions they're making... The point is to try and build this
"all-encompassing", and very generic, message handler... I think it would be
a *lot* more useful to skip the abstraction stuff, and just build a series
of libraries to provide access to the various protocols, (libpop3, libimap4,
etc.). Not only will balsa benefit, but then anyone else out there who wants
to use the pop3 protocol (say, all those silly people that write mail
checkers for the toolbar), will have the library to use also.

Check out some of the proposed camel structure:

For the most part, I think this is waay too abstract to be useful, but there
are some good points in here (esp. the message notation concept near the
end.) Something to keep in mind...

Check out the rest of camel in:

So, given that, where do we start, peter? :)

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