Re: GNOME Update

> Alright, I'll commit to actually doing some work :-P. I like writing stuff
> (words, not code) and I need to familiarize myself with Balsa anyway, so
> I'll start working on a spec of just how it works right now (glossary,
> flow, etc.) I have finals to study for right now but I'll try to get right
> it. If you think I'm getting lazy please pester me... I want this to
> Once that is done, we can take a look at how the design could be improved,
> out our compilers, and write the damn thing. I'll try to post whatever I
> incrementally (I'll start with libmutt, then libbalsa, then the app).
> Till then,
> Peter.
> PS. From what I see Camel is an all-in-one type library.. I'm getting the
> that we should try to help with that project. It's a little more abstract
> what I'm used to working with but it seems like (in the words of John
Carmack) a
> Good Thing.

Awesome. I'll see what I can do about figuring out the state of camel, so we
can see where the integration needs to occur. I will, of course, post
updates from what I figure out to the list...

Balsa (or other equivilent) is the *only* thing stopping me from switching
to linux for my desktop exclusively.

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