GNOME Update

Two items of interest I saw in Havoc's update (I want to be named 
Havoc... what a cool name! :-P)...

1. I sent in a little thingie advertising work on Balsa, maybe we can
get some more people to help polish Balsa. Havoc was wondering about
whether we knew about gnome-mailer; we need to communicate with Camel's
author some more and figure out how we're going to cooperate with that.
Should we work on Camel?

2. "Ron Bessems and Frederic Peters checked in 'gaby,' which will most
likely be replacing GnomeCard." We should keep track of "gaby" then,
if we do want integration with GnomeCard. I'll check out the source
and see what kind of CORBA hooks it has.

Peter Williams

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