Re: Getting CVS Version

Everything you read on the gnome site applies to balsa.

One thing about stuff from CVS is they usually require other packages that
are only available through CVS so you might have a lot of downloading and
compiling on your hand.

The procedure:

$ export CVSROOT=''
$ cvs login
(Logging in to
CVS password:    (Just hit enter there is no password)
$ cvs -z3 checkout glib gtk+ imlib ORBit gnome-libs gnome-core balsa

Compile and install all of those packages in that order and you should
have the latest copy running.

This is how I got my copy to work.  If you want to update it later on you
don't need to get the whole thing again just run:
$ cvs -z3 update -Pd glib gtk+ imlib ORBit gnome-libs gnome-core balsa

and it'll bring your copy up to date.

Each package will create it's own directory in your present working
directory when you run the cvs command so make sure you have enough room
on that partition.

To compile the package, go into its directory and run the script
with whatever switches you want.  I usually run this:

$ ./ --disable-nls (I could never compile it with NLS)

I also have the v 1.1b of pgcc, the gimp wouldn't compile with the older
version I had.

Anyway, good luck.

Oh, to look at other available packages at that CVS server go to and click on the Bonsai link.

I hope that helped.


On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Troy Denkinger wrote:

> All,
> Could someone give me some guidance on getting the version of Balsa
> currently in CVS?  I don't generally use CVS, so this is new territory for
> me.  I looked at the instructions for using CVS on the Gnome site and
> attempted to follow their instructions, though they relate to Gnome and not
> Balsa.  I was unable to actually log in, though I'll keep trying.  
> Once I am able to login to CVS, what files would I need to retrieve in
> order to successfully compile Balsa?  If the procedure is too complicated
> to bother documenting at this point, I'll happily wait until the next
> release and continue to use the fetchmail arrangement I already have.
> However, if someone can give the procedure, I'll be happy to maintain a
> document explaining what to do so future questions like this can just be
> directed there.
> Regards,
> Troy Denkinger  
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