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I wonder when the next release will be? anyone know?

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On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Troy Denkinger wrote:

> All,
> Could someone give me some guidance on getting the version of Balsa
> currently in CVS?  I don't generally use CVS, so this is new territory for
> me.  I looked at the instructions for using CVS on the Gnome site and
> attempted to follow their instructions, though they relate to Gnome and not
> Balsa.  I was unable to actually log in, though I'll keep trying.  
> Once I am able to login to CVS, what files would I need to retrieve in
> order to successfully compile Balsa?  If the procedure is too complicated
> to bother documenting at this point, I'll happily wait until the next
> release and continue to use the fetchmail arrangement I already have.
> However, if someone can give the procedure, I'll be happy to maintain a
> document explaining what to do so future questions like this can just be
> directed there.
> Regards,
> Troy Denkinger  
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